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Social change groups make extraordinary things happen.
They protect our environment, defend our civil rights, work to increase educational and job opportunities and help build stronger, healthier communities. Each one of us, directly or indirectly, benefits from the hard work and dedication of social change organizations
and the social movements they help to create and sustain. 


We believe in the powerful, transformative impact social change groups have upon our society and we work to make them even stronger. Our mission is to help social change groups transform the world. We design innovative strategies and solutions to help groups increase their resources, maximize their strategic impact and achieve their vision for a better world.  Read More

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“SSC guided us with extraordinary expertise, insight, encouragement, and transparency throughout the leadership transition process. The result was a leadership transition process that was productive, respectful, thoughtful and ultimately, very fruitful. Saying farewell to a beloved leader and finding her successor was no easy task, and SSC stuck with us every step of the way.”

— Liza Fuentes, Board Member

Reproductive Health Technologies Project