Books We Like

Developing a Learning Culture in Nonprofit Organizations

by Stephen J. Gill

An important primer on how to build a learning organization that can inspire innovation and advance the kind of strategic foresight that enables organizations to strategically position themselves for greater impact.

The Heart of Change Field Guide: Tools And Tactics for Leading Change in Your Organization

by Dan S. Cohen and John P. Kotter

This book provides tools, frameworks, and advice for bringing breakthrough change methods to life within organizations. The guide provides a practical framework for implementing each step in the change process with a focus on creating a climate for change, engaging the entire organization in the change process and sustaining change efforts.



Key Articles and Reports

Cultivating Nonprofit Leadership

by Niki Jagpal and Ryan Schlegel

Sponsored by the National Council on Responsive Philanthropy, this report reveals that only 1% of foundation funding is dedicated to the critical task of strengthening the skills and abilities of our nonprofit leaders. The authors explore the importance of investing in leadership development and offer recommendations for supporting and enhancing this essential work.

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What is Transformation?

by Robert Gass

This is a must-read for anyone working for a more just and sustainable world. The paper examines the endemic challenges in progressive movements, and lays out compelling and inspiring strategies how progressives can foster transformational change in themselves and the world.

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“I’ve found a culturally competent coach that simultaneously understands the needs of our multiple and diverse stakeholders and also understands my need as an executive director to live a balanced healthy life.”

— Joanne Smith

Founder and Executive Director, Girls for Gender Equity (GGE)