We Believe in You...

Nonprofits work miracles every day.

Nonprofits protect our environment, defend our civil rights, provide educational and job opportunities and help to build stronger and healthier communities. Each one of us directly or indirectly benefits from the leadership and hard work of nonprofit organizations. Strategies for Social ChangeĀ® believes in the powerful, transformative impact nonprofits have upon our society and we work to make nonprofits even stronger.

Our mission is to help nonprofits transform the world.

We design innovative strategies and solutions to help nonprofits increase their resources, maximize strategic impact and achieve their vision for a better world. We actively support the values and principles of social justice, community leadership and empowerment. Our services are designed to strengthen community voices and leadership capacity.

What Makes Us Different?

Developing Leadership Organizations.

Our services are designed to foster the development of dynamic, cutting-edge organizations, recognized as leaders in their field and known for organizational excellence.

Advancing Strategic Thinking.

We help nonprofits to create learning environments and social change laboratories. We enable staff to make better use of social research, trends analysis and outcome evaluation data to design superior programs and advocacy campaigns.

Building Lasting Partnerships.

Just as nonprofits invest in their communities, Strategies for Social ChangeĀ® invests in nonprofits. We focus on building relationships rather than merely providing a short term service. We conduct a thorough organizational assessment and help you plan for your immediate and long term needs.

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